Here, you'll find handmade textiles from Afghanistan, Austria, Ethiopia, India, Morocco, Peru and Turkey. Some of these products are designed by us whereas others are unique finds from around the world. During our creation and selection process, we deliberately seek beautiful imperfections that come with the touch of a human hand as opposed to a machine. Read stories behind one-of-a-kind vintage textiles and unique encounters to acquire them during our travels.

Read press about us, reviews of our products, and mentions on Apartment TherapyDesign*SpongeRemodelistaDailyCandy and Re-NestOur home decor textiles are coming to various stores around the US soon. Brooklynites can check us out at the beautiful eco-friendly Greenhouse store on Atlantic Ave.  In Boston area, our textiles can be found at beautifully styled boutique, Pod (Brookline Village). Hope you'll explore our products and join us on Facebook where you can see additional photos from our travels and get up to date news.

We are also proud to introduce our latest effort to you: Madesmith. Madesmith focuses on designers and makers producing locally in the U.S. Join us here

Dia Living - hand crafted design
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